Mortermølle RM 200

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Mortar Grinder RM 200

  (please order mortar and pestle separately)
20.455.0001 RM 200, 230 V, 50 Hz
  Flere spenningsvarianter:
20.455.0004 RM 200, 120 V, 60 Hz
  other electrical versions available for the same price
  Mortar and pestle RM 200
  Hardened steel
02.460.0018 Mortar
02.461.0112 Pestle
  Stainless steel
02.460.0057 Mortar
02.461.0113 Pestle
  Tungsten carbide
02.460.0021 Mortar
02.461.0114 Pestle
02.460.0098 Mortar
02.461.0115 Pestle
  Sintered aluminum oxide
02.460.0017 Mortar
02.461.0116 Pestle
  Zirconium oxide
02.460.0086 Mortar
02.461.0117 Pestle
  Hard porcelain
02.460.0016 Mortar
02.461.0118 Pestle
  Scrapers RM 200
22.008.0025 Scraper, beech wood
22.862.0012 Scraper, PU
22.008.0024 Scraper, PTFE (e.g. for cryogenic grinding)
  Additional items
99.200.0012 IQ/OQ Documentation for RM 200

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