Vibratory Disc Mill RS 300 XL



The Vibratory Disc Mill RS 300 XL is suitable for the extremely quick, loss-free and reproducible grinding of medium-hard, brittle and fibrous materials to analytical fineness. It is possible to process 1, 2, 3 or 4 samples simultaneously. Thanks to the robust universal drive shaft, which sets the grinding jar into a 3-D motion, this mill accepts grinding set weights of up to 30 kg. The closed grinding system guarantees complete processing of the sample.

Just like the RS 200, the RS 300 XL with its robust design has proven to be ideally suitable for applications in geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, as well as in the building materials sector (cement) and in power plants.

Due to the high end fineness and speed the RETSCH Vibratory Disc Mills are the perfect choice when it comes to preparing samples for spectral analysis.


betong, elektroniske komponenter, glass, jord, keramikk, koks, korund, kull, malm, metalløksider, mineraler, plantematerialer, sement, sementklinker, silikater, slagg, ...


  • reproducible results and homogeneous samples thanks to universal drive shaft (3D vibration of grinding sets)
  • speed: 912 min-1
  • short grinding times
  • autoreverse function (left/right rotation)
  • programmable interval function (start/ stop automatic)
  • wide range of materials for contamination-free grinding
  • grinding jar volumes from 100 ml up to 2,000 ml
  • closed and noise-insulated grinding chamber
  • pneumatic grinding-jar clamping (with air-pressure) for convenient and safe handling
  • additional security feature: mill only starts if the pneumatic pressure is correct
  • optional Autolifter for ergonomic lifting of heavy grinding sets


funksjon knusing, blanding, pulverisering
bruksområde byggematerialer, geologi / metallurgi, glass / keramikk, miljø / gjenvinning
matemateriale middels hardt, hardt, sprøtt, fibrøs
nedmalingsprinsipp trykk, friksjon
matestørrelse* < 20 mm
sluttfinhet* < 20 µm
prøvevolum* 35 - 2,000 ml
turtall ved 50 Hz (60 Hz) 912 min-1
material i maleverktøyet chrome steel, herdet stål, wolframkarbid, zirkoniumoksid, stål 1.1740 (for tungmetallfri nedmaling)
Størrelse på malebeger 100 ml / 800 ml / 1,000 ml / 2,000 ml
innstilling av maletid digital, 00:00 to 59:59
drift trefasemotor
drivkraft 2.2 kW
Elektriske tilkoblingsdata ulike spenninger
Nettilkobling 3-fase
kapslingstype IP 40
b x h x d lukket 1400 x 1460 x 730 mm
nettovekt ~ 415 kg (without grinding set)
Normer / standarer CE

Please note:
*avhengig av matemateriale og apparatkonfigurering /apparatinnstillinger


The vibratory disc mill comminutes by impact and friction. The grinding set is firmly attached to the vibration plate with a pneumatic quick clamping device. The plate with the grinding set is subjected to 3-D vibrations.

The sample is crushed by extreme pressure, impact and friction generated by centrifugal forces acting on the grinding rings in the dish.The vibrations are produced by a frequency controlled 2.2 kW 3-phase motor.

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